A passion for foods from the East and the hospitality of Eastern Cultures combines an all enhancing experience, harmonising a fusion of the many attributes of both the West and East to heighten your senses for a true Culinary delight and experience whether the simplicity of shopping or food preparations.
Cooking Classes

Up to 4 can be accommodated at a private residence.
Larger groups can be taught assuming space and facilities are available


Foods cooked can be served as a Lunch /Dinner Party or maybe a Birthday Treat

Menu planning

We can plan menus that can be taught or catered

Take away boxes

Take away boxes can be ordered and picked up with a 48 hours prior notice.

Trips to supermarkets

Trips can be arranged to ethnic supermarkets to purchase ingredients

Supplying food

Food can be supplied for all types of parties.

All activities are costed individually taking into account budgetary restraints and requirements