About Urmi

One of the most defining characteristics of Indian and Thai culture is hospitality. People have the highest regard for their guests and value hospitality. A common saying in India is “atithi devo bhav,” meaning, “Guests are forms of God.”

Often you will be invited into the homes of people with whom you interact. Even business meetings usually follow with a meal at someone’s home, so do not appear to be taken aback or surprised accept the invitation cordially.

Having grown up in Thailand in an Indian household, Urmi was surrounded by tastes, smells, textures, and colours of international foods. Food has always played a significant role in her life and meals have been a time of family and friends coming together.

Meals were never a one dish affair but a table drooling with all varieties of foods. Everyone’s tastes had to be taken into account. Dietary requirements and preferences were considered and always resulted in a banquet of choices.

Her love of foods is attributed to her father. Throughout her childhood, he made sure that she tried an array of cuisines and understood how to appreciate them. Of course the hospitality and hub of any Asian or Oriental Family is afforded to the Mother of the household whose responsibility and care of the family is paramount in every aspect of day to day living. The warmth of welcome and care of entertaining always sat in her domain and was no lesser the case in Urmi’s  life.

Over the years she has lived and travelled around the world and acquired so many combinations of tastes, textures that may not always be present in Asian cooking.

Many times she combines both western and eastern ingredients, creating dishes with a twist on a classic dish. Constantly experimenting and never deterred by new ingredients. Often an amazing new dish emerges.

Having spent many years in the hospitality industry and studied classical Thai and Indian cuisines, Blue Lotus Inspirations was formed in 2016 to inspire people to bring the East into their kitchens. It provides an opportunity for her to share her passion for food and good living.